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Please join our support network of spouses and cancer survivors.

In addition to providing advice and lessons learned, we can help you apply for financial support once our initial fundraising goals have been met. If you are interested please fill out our Support Request Form.

For aircrew cancer survivors interested in becoming an ACES & Eights Ambassador please mention your desire to volunteer in this capacity in the comments. ACES & Eights Ambassadors come in two general categories:

1) Aircrew Ambassadors are prior aircrew diagnosed with a specific type of cancer and have offered to help answer questions and share their experience

2) Healthcare Ambassadors are healthcare professionals who have offered to answer questions and provide advice throughout the treatment process

In all cases, we provide our Ambassadors with additional instructional materials to aid them when performing outreach on behalf of the Foundation and here is our current Ambassador list:

Cancer TypeAircrew AmbassadorHealthcare Ambassador
Bone and Muscle (including soft tissue, heart, gallbladder, kidney, and liver)Andy Shurtleff – LiverTBD
Brain and Nervous System (glioblastoma)TBDTBD
Endocrine (thyroid, pancreas, non-Hodgkin lymphoma)TBDTBD
Gastrointestinal (esophagus, Kaposi, stomach, small intestine, colorectal, anus)TBDTBD
Genitourinary and Gynecologic (cervix, uterus, ovary, prostate, testis, vagina, vulva, urinary)Dan Javorsek – Testicular
Matt Higer – Prostate
Head and Neck (eye, larynx, oral)TBDTBD
Hematopoietic (leukemia, myelodysplastic, myeloma)TBDTBD
Skin (melanoma)Brad Darling – SkinTBD
Thoracic and Respiratory (lungs, mesothelioma)TBDTBD
ACES & Eights Ambassadors

Finally, if you are simply interested in becoming an ACES & Eights Volunteer please fill out our Volunteer Form.

Fight’s On!

Dan “Animal” Javorsek, President

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